Notable Gay Female Actresses

Celebrities often take on causes which affect not only themselves, but also the fans who spend their money on the movies that they star in. They also bring awareness and set a great example for the people who can relate to a celebrity’s personal life. In the case of gay celebrity actresses, this is especially true. Actresses who are gay set a great example for others who face similar challenges. One of those challenges, for example, is the decision that many people must make regarding when to come out of the closet to their friends and family. Indeed, many gay female actresses have experienced this same dilemma. Their actions, combined with their financial support for gay and lesbian rights, makes celebrities one of the most important groups of people within the LGBT community.

Cynthia Nixon is a gay actress who is known for her many movie roles. However, most fans know her from the hit HBO series called Sex and the City. In the series, she played the part of Miranda Hobbes. Her character was straight, and she dealt with various relationship issues with men throughout the series. Interestingly, this highlights the fact that all relationships, whether they are gay or straight, often experience the same obstacles. Her portrayal of the pursuit of happiness through meaningful relationships offered a fresh perspective for all audience members. She is an accomplished actress who continues to make quality films.

Rosie O’ Donnell is one of the most influential gay actresses of the modern era. She is talented in many areas, as she specialized in stand-up comedy, acting and writing. O’ Donnell also hosted a popular TV show called The View for a while. Rosie O’ Donnell came out as being gay in February of 2002. After she came out, she became a champion of gay and lesbian rights. Her charitable work, along with her many fundraisers and appearances, has made her one of the most respected actresses within the gay community.

Ellen DeGeneres might be the most recognisable gay actress of the modern era. She was a part of the heavily popular sitcom entitled Ellen, from 1994 to 1998. Since that time, she has gone on to host her own popular show called The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it still receives high ratings to this day. DeGeneres is also legally married to fellow gay actress Portia de Rossi. This actress is highly regarded for her earnest performances and genuine personality. She is an actress who is respected by everyone in the entertainment industry, so when she speaks, people do listen. The gay community has benefited tremendously from her work raising awareness for equal rights and same-sex marriage.

The gay community has many more actresses who support equal rights, and who provide a great example for others who face challenges each day. Since these actresses are in the spotlight, they are able to use their notoriety to be the voice for those who are not able to be heard as easily.