LGBT Rights & Women in the UK

The rights of of those within the LGBT community have historically been limited throughout the UK. In the past, sexual activity between those who were gay received steep penalties. Imprisonment, death and other sanctions often fell upon those who chose to openly express themselves. Unfortunately, this fostered an atmosphere in which people felt that they had to live in fear. Same-sex couples often found themselves relegated to designated areas to dine or enjoy leisure time. This is similar to the racial laws which occurred throughout much of the United States in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

As the years have passed, those within the LGBT community have seen an increase in social acceptance. Laws have allowed people to conduct themselves without fear. This in turn has led to much more tolerance in public settings. The days in which openly gay couples were kicked out of eating establishments have passed. People who look down upon others are generally chastised themselves for not accepting people who are exactly like them. Most people within the UK now understand that discriminatory practices do not solve anything.

LGBT rights have also come forth from religious groups. Christians and the LGBT community have a checkered past, but there are renewed efforts to eliminate past sentiments. There is now a common understanding that many of the people within the gay community come from families which identify with religion. When people are not accepted by one religious group, yet are accepted by another, it makes the intolerant religious group appear ignorant. It also causes those from younger generations to leave religion, or to seek a religion which does accept everyone.

The rights of the LGBT community do not end in social settings, however. In the past, employers were allowed to freely fire or turn away potential employees who they believed to be a part of the LGBT community. These acts caused many of these people to suffer through times of strife, as employment became nearly impossible to find. Lawsuits are now able to be filed on behalf of anyone who has been discriminated against at work. What this does is it causes companies to think twice before they allow their personal beliefs to interfere with their financial aspirations. Some companies who have taken a chance by continuing to discriminate, have actually gone under as a result.

Harsher penalties under law have also served to benefit those who identify as LGBT. Violent crimes which are committed on people who identify themselves as gay, receive much more appropriate penalties. In past ears, those who committed such actions received nothing more than a financial penalty. Now, incarceration for extended periods of time awaits anyone who commits such crimes. This serves as a way to deter bigots from causing problems within public and private establishments. These crimes also receive much more press than they did in the past, thus casting an important light on a much larger issue. The LGBT community certainly has a bright future in the UK.